Tashreeq De Villiers
Lives in Woodstock

Fresh from The Frontline aka Woodstock CPT. Started singing at age 6, naturally born singer. Currently exploring all avenues. Theatre actor, singer, dancer, rapper, comedian, model, influencer.

Events Performed:
Kaapse Klopse Malay Choir Joltyd kyknet Satin To Sequins Amongst others


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TDV - The Ricky Chase
Hip hop


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Ricky ft Mr Meyer - Frontline Remix
Hip Hop

Who I am and where Im from.. Place of birth Woodstock CPT SA.

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Tashreeq de Villiers - Tdv - Baruch In Jou Oeg

With the Annual Coon Carnival approaching, this is Baruch Entertainers 2020 anthem.

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